tanklagerBoss Lubricants GmbH & Co. KG, based in Albstadt, Baden-Württemberg, was founded in 2003. The company develops and manufactures process liquids and special lubricants both for the local market and for globally active major customers. We mainly acquire our business partners in the areas of medical technology, renewables, mechanical engineering and special plant construction. In close collaboration with our customers we jointly develop innovative, specific solution approaches. They often secure for our customers a decisive competitive advantage in non-standardised products. Our corporate philosophy and the permanent further development of our products require intensive research and development work. As a consequence our company has acquired an enormous depth of knowledge in niche areas. One of our corporate concepts is to make optimum utilisation of the lubricants used combined with the best possible protection and efficiency for humans, machines and the environment, and that can only be achieved by means of innovative products and processes. We aim to make our customers satisfied all round with our products, our advice and our service and not only to fulfil but to exceed their expectations.