Fats for the Food Industry

lebensmitteloelen fetten

Bossplex FS 702
This high-performance food grade fat with NSF approval is based on an aluminium complex soap fat combined with medicinal white mineral oils.
The product contains anti-oxidants, corrosion inhiborts and EP additives. Bossplex FS 702 has NSF/H1 approval and very good lubricating properties along with excellent oxidation stability and good adherence. For use at temperatures of between -30°C and +120°C (and, for a short period, up to +150°C). Bossplex FS 702 is available in NLGI Class 2.
Bossplex 5702 EP
The development of this special food grade fat is based on selected additives that make this product suitable for use under high specific burdens with corresponding properties. Our Bossplex 5702 product is based on a medicinal white mineral oil. Properties of this food grade fat include high oxidative and thermal stability and an excellent load carrying capacity along with good wear and corrosion protection. For use at temperatures of between -30°C and +150°C. Bossplex 5702 EP is available in NLGI Class 2.