Oils for the Food Industry

lebensmitteloelen oele

Novarol LM are light, odourless HLP hydraulic oils based on DAB 10 white mineral oils. Novarol LM oils comply with the DIN 51524/T2 requirements for HLP hydraulic liquids and fulfil the FDA’s 21 CFR 178.3570 purity requirements, including avoidance of overlubrication leading to unnecessary contact with foodstuffs. All ingredients are physiologically safe and comply with the National Sanitary Foundation’s Category H 1 requirements. This series of products is available in the viscosity class 32-68.
Novarol Syn LM H range
Novarol Syn LM H oils are hydraulic oils and lubricants based on ultra-pure hydrocarbons with paraffinic synthetic oils. They contain only base oils and additives that may be used in the foodstuffs sector. Novarol Syn LM H oils are physiologically safe and have NSF/H1 approval, the successor to the former USDA/H1 type approval for lubricants that may come into contact with foodstuffs. This product series is available in the viscosity class 15-460.